How to Clean Your Beveledge Furniture

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November 24, 2016
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We are often asked here at Beveledge about the best way to clean and care for wooden furniture.

People are usually surprised to hear that spraying furniture polish directly onto hardwood furniture is not a good idea and can often do more harm than good!  Aerosol polishes are convenient. However, they have been among the worst offenders in introducing silicone oils and other contaminants onto furniture. In addition, they may contain solvents that attack varnishes and lacquers.

Our advice is to use a warm, damp cloth to wipe the wood, followed by a dry soft cloth and nothing more!

To care for your furniture over the longer term:

  • Place your wooden piece only on structures designed for that purpose or only on sturdy even flooring
  • Protect wooden furniture from excessive heat or excessive sunlight
  • Be careful about what you place on a piece of furniture. We all know not to place hot plates, mugs etc. directly onto wood but damage from cold items can often be worse.  Water from spills, a cold glass of water or condensation from vases can create white, milky stains.

. . . and enjoy your Beveledge piece for a long, long time!