Bespoke Furniture

Beveledge designs and creates bespoke furniture and fitted interiors for every room in your home.  We blend the beauty of our favourite hardwoods with the durability of steel to create interiors that are truly innovative in design and exceptional in craftsmanship.

We specialise in the creation of staircases to suit every space.  Our spiral staircases are particularly beautiful for loft conversions, studio apartments and small spaces.  The combination of steel and wood perfectly blends aesthetic form with practicality for everyday living.

      beveledge products      beveledge products                                                           Stairs - top landing                           Stairs - glass corner

Storage solutions
Bedrooms, kitchens, dining rooms or bathrooms . . . storage shouldn’t just be functional.  It should also blend seamlessly into the backdrop of your home or make a bold statement!  Whichever you choose, Beveledge can create it for you.  Hardwood or painted options available.

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Bespoke Furniture
Creating your own furniture truly adds something special to your interior.  Beveledge can provide complete room fit-outs for every room in your home.  Dining tables, coffee tables, side tables, sideboards can all be made to commission, along with bespoke accessories such as mirrors and lamps to give your home an exquisite, polished look.

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Wall panelling
Whether the style of your home is traditional or contemporary, wall panelling can add warmth and character to your living space.  Classical style, raised wall panelling, and modern minimalist panelling are all available in various hardwoods or painted.

Commercial Interiors
We design and create interiors and furniture for restaurants, hotels, retail units, office spaces and all business types.  We focus on creating a space that is both effective and attractive for your customers and staff.  Whether you want to refit and transform your business’s interior or just add a new reception desk or bookcase, Beveledge will have a perfect bespoke solution.

Your outdoor space can also be individually designed and created!  Gates, balconies and other outdoor features can also be made to your specific taste and requirements.

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